Disney II

By this time, we had planned on going back to the hotel to check in and take a quick power break. It was still pouring but at this point we weren’t even bothered by it. We started to walk towards Main Street America but of course we had to stop to get a world famous churro. Nothing can or will ever beat a Disneyland churro in my eyes. Not Costco, not even TJ churros by the boarder! Now that’s saying a lot. We snacked on our treat in the middle of the rain and honestly we could not be happier. The girls were such troopers! They didn’t even complain once. They were genuinely both having such a blast and that just made this whole trip all worth it to roger and I.

Instead of going back to the hotel we decided to stick it out. We walked through Hollywood Land and came across the Disney Jr Live show. It was the perfect timing, the show was starting in about 10 minutes and the line wasn’t long at all. Even though it might not of been our first choice for the two adults, I thought the girls would really enjoy it and that it would be nice to get out of the rain for a bit. I must admit, the show was great! I was quite surprised at the production that went into it. They featured the three most popular Disney Jr shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sophia the Great, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. They had all the characters on stage, interactive singing and dancing, and the coolest show effects; snow, bubbles, and gold deblooms falling from the sky! Walking out of the show you could hear all the parents talking about what a great show it was. I mean, we do all watch these shows as much as our children do lol.

We then walked through Hollywood Land and found our way to the Monsters Inc ride, which again had a short 10 minute line. As we were leaving the ride, nightfall was setting in. We walked back to the pier and picked up some hotdogs for dinner. By this time, they were passing out New Years hats and noise makers, how festive. Though it was pretty annoying hearing that horrendous honking throughout the park, it started to settle in that we would be counting down the end of a beautiful year and welcoming 2017. We made our way to the little rides in the fair area and got on a couple fun ones. Then of course Roger got suckered into the fair games. He always does actually and it’s the cutest thing seeing him trying to win us all stuffed animals and prizes. It became a battle of the dads, all in good spirit. Safe to say, we all walked away with a prize.


By now the people were all starting to gather around for the world of color show. Tip: you definitely want to get a fast pass for this if you want a decent view. It’s even better that it won’t interfere with getting a fast pass for a ride. The adults grabbed another alcoholic beverage and we got into our section with a good view. Truly, this show was the highlight of my night! I had forgotten how amazing it was. With all the water and the visual effects, the lights and the pyrotechnics. It was still the holiday themed show that played all the classic Christmas songs with the cutest clips from all your favorite Disney movies. As soon as the show ended we started walking to the front of the park and it was by luck that we happened to be at the right place at the right time. The perfect view of the fireworks from the neighboring Disneyland park. I guess I got my birthday wish after all.

When that was over, we walked into cars land just to take a peak. There was a stage with a live band going and people dancing on the street. We found our way in front of the cars ride, which I honestly wasn’t even expecting to get on cuz the line is usually insane. The people working the line were really nice and gave us a fast pass right on the spot. Cali and I ran down the line and had about a 10 min wait. She started to get a little nervous cuz the sound of the ride zooming by and exaggerated sound effects but I told her not to worry. The ride starts off with two cars side by side about to start a race. The countdown begins, five, four, three, two, one.. then the cars speed off! (Disclaimer: I kinda knew about this ride, but I honestly didn’t know how fast it actually went) definitely the funnest ride EVER. Cali was a little scared throughout the ride but I held her hand the whole way and finally at the end she had more fun than fear. When we were done, Roger got on the ride just as quickly going down the “singles” line (genius idea, Disneyland).


It was the perfect way to end our day/night. We decided to throw in the towel and leave the park at 11:30pm, right before the midnight crowds and madness. Waiting at the bus stop was probably the longest we waited all day lol. That’s a win in my book. At last, we found our way into our hotel room and into our bed, just as you could hear the midnight fireworks right outside our window, we all closed out eyes and were asleep within seconds. The perfect end to our day/year.

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