It’s lit fam

I keep telling myself not to use the term “it’s lit”. But I just cant stop. And I just cant help it. ITS LIT FAM! Like LITERALLY. My Christmas tree, that is.. which I’ve been counting down the days to finally set up!

Since the first Christmas that I could remember as a little girl, we always had a real Christmas tree. The pine tree, the smell, the lights, the ornaments – they just make me so damn happy! Nothing melts my heart more than a cold winter night, being in a dark living room, staring at a glowing pine tree decked out in prettiness. It’s kind of paradoxical bringing together something straight out of nature and adorning it with glittery materialism. If anyone knows the meaning behind why we have Christmas trees, please comment below. Maybe I’m just drawing a blank, but I don’t seem to know why this tradition came about.. but what I do know is that I just love it.

I absolutely love the month of December and the holiday season. (Not to mention its my birthday month. Yassss!) For the past 9 years that I’ve lived in San Diego, we never got a real tree. That tradition kinda died when me and my sisters grew up and left home. Every year, I longed to get one but I fell into the comfort of busting out my artificial tree and simply clicking the three pieces together -and VOILA! – my tree is done, setup, and lit. I guess it does save you money to have a fake tree, its totally more convenient and its super duper easy. But it’s just not the same. That’s for sure.

Now that I have kids of my own, it’s so important to both Roger and I that we have/continue the same traditions that we cherished growing up, as well as creating our own traditions as a family. Finally, I have a strong bearded mountain man that could help me chop down a tree and lug it back home! Well more like, go pick one out from the store and stick it in my trunk…but a girl can pretend. Roger was just as excited about finally getting a real tree for us and the girls, so we all couldn’t wait.


Initially, we were gonna get a tree from Costco, cuz it’s literally 3 blocks down the street and we weren’t sure if we were gonna have to strap the tree to the roof of our car. Neither of us had ever bought a real tree and didn’t really know how it worked for people with sedans. I wanted to get it so badly, like before Thanksgiving.. but it seems like none of the places were selling the trees till the day after Thanksgiving. I might be wrong on this, so if you know places that bring out the trees earlier, please let me know!

So we went Friday night after work, in hunt for the perfect tree. As always, my mom filled me in on the most affordable places to go. She said Walmart had real trees. I honestly wasn’t trying to spend $100 on a tree, and that was about the price range I saw them for at the popup tree stations around San Diego.


I couldn’t be more glad with our convenient choice. We scored a 6′ Douglas Fir for 25 MFing dollars. Yup, $25. We debated back and forth about getting the Douglas Fir or the Noble Fir. We ended up with the Douglas, 1.) cuz it was pretty much the cheaper of the two, and 2.) cuz it has a stronger pine sent than the Noble. I cant really complain much about the tree, I don’t mind our decision, even though it does shed like a mother’s hair after giving birth. I thought of it as our “starter tree”, but next year I would probably get a Noble Fir and see how that goes.


Now to the fun part.. Target was having a huge sale on their in-house holiday collection (Wondershop), the Saturday after Black Friday. Spend $100, get $50 off. I couldn’t turn down this deal! I had already gone holiday shopping for a couple things a week before, but this was a great chance to get all the little extras I had my eye on. I got a new light up tree topper, a knitted tree skirt, lights, tinsel, wrapping paper, a bunch of cute ornaments, and ornament hooks.


Ok, sad part is that I didn’t end up using a majority of the decorations, only because they didn’t fit on the tree and were a little too big. We used 3 boxes of 100ct lights, you could use 4 if you wanted to. The rule of thumb is usually 100ct for every foot of tree. I decided last minute that I wanted to go with a gradient effect with the balls, and I like the way it turned out. I scattered crystal and gold glitter pinecones all around to bring it all together. The only thing that I missed this year was the tinsel. I didn’t really like the color of the one I bought, but knowing me, ill probably add something on there later on. I know I have a ton of white pearl garland that I use every year that would go perfect with this color scheme.


Next weekend, I hope we can make it to  tree farm so I can pick up some Evergreen for our tree and a pine leaf wreath for our front door. Oh, did I mention the fur stockings and black metal stocking hooks were from Target too? I love them! It’s a color that would go with any theme I decide to use in the future. I cant wait to start setting all the gifts out!


Want these decorations? Click on items below to buy!

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