The Art of the Brick

I love going to museums. I love art and anything remotely close to it. Fashion, paintings, photography, music, graffiti.. you name it. But The Art of the Brick was something so different and just so damn cool.


Roger and I both had a Saturday off, which is rare for him. So we wanted to take adavantage of it and spend the day doing something fun with the girls. He enjoys museums to, so it wasn’t hard getting him on board to check out Balboa park. We’ve driven 2 hours to Los Angeles twice to spend a day at the museum. It never dawned on us that San Diego has its own world renowned Balboa Park which is jam packed with about a dozen galleries. I guess sometimes you tend to look past some good things that are right in front of you. Or take forgranted this amazingly beautiful city we live in, cuz it’s just so typical to us. It’s fun playing tourist in your own city for once.



We were gonna go gallery hopping and check out a handful, but we made our way to the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center first cuz it’s the most kid friendly. To my surprise, they had a special installation going on, The Art of the Brick. I’ve seen a couple things about this before but I had no idea it was in town. Just our luck! I thought the museum would be packed on a Saturday but it honestly wasn’t bad at all. We did the guest exhibit first and honestly it was awesome! By far one of the coolest museums we’ve been too. We’ve been to the LACMA and the MOCA in LA.. but something about this sculpture gallery made entirely out of Lego bricks was just completely nastalgic and so out of this world.



Nathan Sawaya, the law school graduate turned artist. At the entrance of the room they played a short clip about his history and the purpose behind his work. How something from his childhood that brought him so much serenity and happiness turned into a work of art. Something that is so tangible to us Millenials. Something so simple and fun. He was able to turn something so minuscule and childish into something so sophisticated and thought provoking.



It definitely brought out the child in me. It made me happy. It made me curious. It made me feel like, ‘I could do that!’. At the same time thinking, ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’. Calista loved it, even though she wasn’t as moved by it as we were. She did make it a point to ask me, ‘mom, what happened to my Lego set?’… which I bought her for Christmas last year and secretly threw away throughout the months. I threw them out mostly because she didn’t play with them, they were a little beyond her years, plus they were a choking hazard for Celine. This year I’ll gladly put it on her Christmas list again. Last year I pretty much built the whole thing for her cuz it was so tedious. But this time I think she’ll enjoy them more.



After being mind blown by The Art of the Brick installation, we went to check out the rest of the science museum. They have such cool things like Kid City and a bunch of hands on displays about our city. How water and electric is generated in San Diego. Architecture, lights and sounds, the science of nature, an area about cells, etc. All the displays are interactive and that’s the best part!



Its funny cuz Calista’s favorite part of it all was the area where they had all the Lego’s for the kids to play and build with. We sat there while she tried to piece together our own little dream home out of Lego bricks. She didn’t want to leave. It’s amazing how children are so entertained by the simplist of things.


We didn’t leave the museum without getting a sick souvenir shirt for roger and a magnet for our fridge. It was a must. They had some really cool things in the gift shop and I wouldn’t mind stopping by again later to pick up a few more items. We made our way outside to the courtyard with all the other tourist gathering around the beautiful water fountain.


Now let me paint a picture, it’s 75 degrees in November without a cloud in site. The picture lighting was so amazing you wouldn’t need a single filter. I know I live in America’s finest city, but damn, was it a perfect day out. Children, families, and dogs all about. Snapping gorgeous photos, all perfect for their coffee table photo albums.


I don’t know why it took us so long to come here. How we could of overlooked all the beauty our own backyard had to offer. We’ll definitely be back again soon. I think next time we’ll check out the NAT, Natural History Museum. But for now, it was a picture perfect day in San Diego. Stay classy.

Comment below if you would like outfit deets of our awesome day at the museum!

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