Halloween ’16

Every year it’s a struggle for us to find a spot to go trick or treating on Halloween night with the girls. We’ve done something new every year, but this year was a good pick. First of all, is it just me or does trick or treating start earlier and earlier every year? All the events going on around San Diego started around 3 and ended at 5 or 6. It’s not even dark at 6! Some parents aren’t even off work by then! I mean, Halloween did fall on a Monday night this year, but still. It takes away from the whole spirit of the holiday, but whatever.


Last year, we took the girls around my moms street in suburban Santee.. but this year I wanted to go somewhere different. A quick google search gave me a list of the best neighborhoods for trick or treating in San Diego. We ended up in the “historic” Mission Hills area.

Mission Hills is probably one of my top three favorite neighborhoods in this city. The houses are gorgeous, the people are friendly, and it’s prettt much in the heart of San Diego. A stone throw away from Old Town, Downtown, and the San Diego airport.


But back to Halloween. Roger and I tried to get of work early, but apparently everyone had the same idea. Traffic was deathly. Going to Mission Hills was literally a last minute choice. Anyway, we made it on time and it was perfect. Prime parking right in the middle of everything. There were so many houses giving out candy, everyone so friendly and welcoming. There were a ton of kids and families walking everywhere. Houses were decked out in spooky decor and people hanging out on their porches. Some houses were even passing out full sized candy bars! I mean, really?! It was literally how you would picture it out of a movie.

In typical Niobe fashion, we barely decided what we were dressing up as the day before. I ran to the spirit store to find the best things I could. It was definitely my luck that the one we went to was stocked. The Batgirl costume I found was actually a pajama set lol which I’ll gladly wear throughout the year! And surprisingly, Celine kept her headband on for most of the night. The cutest little Supergirl I’ve ever seen! And Roger, he was Spider-Man and I have to thank him for humoring me and getting into the holiday spirit with us.


Of course Celine had a grand ol time. You could not pry the candy bucket out of her hands. Luckily she’s too little to know what candy is, so mom and dad got their sweet tooth fix for about a week. Score!


All in all, it was a fun filled time and I can’t wait for next year! I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with this holiday but now that I have my my two girls, it’s rekindled my love for this Halmark holiday.


Our costume deets:

(click on items or stores for direct links)



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