Pumpkin picking

This is as “fall” as it’s gonna get in San Diego.

70 degrees on a Saturday night in October.

It’s that time of year again, when families flock to pumpkin stations located in mall parking lots. The kids love it. Toddler rides, a petty zoo, and over priced pumpkins. The best part about these stations is the amazing picture lighting! I mean, how cute are the string lights? The hay everywhere? So festive!

Every year I say we’re going to carve our pumpkins. It’s been 3 years now and it still hasn’t happened. I just think about how much of a mess it makes. And those tiny carving knives that barely work. And that it’s not as easy as it looks.

We’ll probably try when the girls are older. For now, the mini pumpkins will suffice.

Now back to the cute scenery. All of a sudden, everyone thinks their a photographer. The only reason I started this blog anyways is cuz I had too many cute pictures and I didn’t want to be THAT person on instagram that posted 10 photos in the same outfit 🙄 Just kidding.. No, but really. How could you not when everything looks just so perfect, and pretty, and festive! Everyone shows up in their “fall” best. Looking all cute and what not cuz the season is finally changing and we can finally have a sense of style again. Fall colors, layering, BOOTS! Oh my!

I love fall fashion. I also love a good photo op but most especially, I love a good buy/find. I honestly try not to spend so much on clothing and try to turn good deals into a stylish look.

Stay tuned for more!


Click on items to purchase.

My outfit deets:


Cali’s outfit deets:

  • Dress: Healthtex denim dress – Walmart
  • Cardi: Old Navy $18 (currently on sale)
  • Sandals: Judy’s Shoes


Celine’s outfit deets:


Other deets:

  • Please excuse my sick face while I try to fight off the annual fall flu 😪
  • Lips: MAC x Selena – Dreaming of You $18 (sold out)
  • Nails: Matte black gel
  • Necklace: Gold chain
  • Backpack: Skip Hop Zoo Pack $20
  • T-shirt: Roscoes House of Chicken and Waffles




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